Our Science Communication Approach

The Smith Lab is dedicated to communicating our research to a broad audience in order to improve the application of science to policy and public debate. We engage the public through community and school presentations, news and radio, citizen science, and social media. We continue to branch out into novel mediums, including mobile museums and scientific illustration. We welcome the opportunity to develop new collaborations with writers, artists, and educators to continue to share our work.


Is That T-Rex Coming On To Me? (at 3:45Live from the Poundstone Institute. July 15, 2017.
Mountain Lions Terrified By Voices Of Rush Limbaugh, Rachel Maddow. All Things Considered, NPR. June 23, 2017.
Human Impacts on Ecosystems. University of Cambridge: The Naked Scientists. Radio podcast. January 27, 2015.
Urban Pumas. BBC: Science in Action. Radio podcast. January 22, 2015.

Select Media Coverage

The AtlanticThe Washington Post • National Geographic • Smithsonian • Scientific American • New Scientist • Popular Science Newsweek • SF Gate • San Jose Mercury News • LA Times Nature •  Science • Newsweek • Conservation Magazine High Country News The Wildlife Society PLoS Ecology CBC World News Eureka! Lab

Video from: A Rich Tradition of Non-Traditional Thinking: The Legacy of Rachel Carson.  March 30,2017.